Thank you for attending the 2014 Annual Meetings. We hope you found the information on IMF Connect useful. In order for us to improve your experience on IMF Connect in the future, please help us by completing a short survey.



1)  How did you hear about IMF Connect?

 From your ED Office
 From the IMF Connect invitation email
 From one of the information kiosks at the Annual Meetings


2)   How relevant was the information posted on IMF Connect for your purpose?

 Very relevant
 Not relevant


3)    What features of IMF Connect did you find useful (you can select more than one)?

 Live videos
 Photo galleries
 Easy access to documents
 Participant guide


4)    How likely are you to use IMF Connect in the next Annual/Spring Meetings?

 Very likely
 Somewhat likely


5)    What changes, additional features or improvements would you would want to see on IMF Connect?



6)  How was your experience signing up for IMF Connect?

 It was easy
 It was similar to other websites
 It was more complex than other websites


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