Response and Recovery


Debate on Global Economy

IMF Inspired: Vaccinating the World

Governor Talk:

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s Policy Response to the COVID-19 Crisis


Governor Talk:

Croatia, Asset Purchase Programs in Emerging Markets—Yes, We Can!


Governor Talk:

Spain, Europe: How to Build Forward Better



Governor Talk:

Brazil, Policy Challenges and Reform Priorities on the Path to Recovery


Governor Talk:

Thailand, Navigating the post-COVID-19 Recovery


Capacity Development Talk:

A Peek Into Training: Achieving Inclusive Growth 


Analytical Corner: 

Recovery from the Pandemic


Q&A with Presenters


World Economic Outlook
Chapter 1: Global Prospects and Policies

Chapter 2: After-Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prospects for Medium-Term Economic Damage

Chapter 3: Recessions and Recoveries in Labor Markets: Patterns, Policies, and Responses to the COVID-19 Shock

Chapter 4: Shifting Gears: Monetary Policy Spillovers during the Recovery from COVID-19


Global Financial Stability Report
Chapter 1: Global Financial Stability Overview: An Asynchronous and Divergent Recovery May Put Financial Stability at Risk

Chapter 2: Nonfinancial Sector: Loose Financial Conditions, Rising Leverage, and Risks to Macro-Financial Stability

Chapter 3: Commercial Real Estate: Financial Stability Risks During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond 

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