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Book Launch - Breaking the Oil Spell: The Path to Diversification

A new IMF book titled Breaking the Oil Spell looks at economies that have made successful strides in diversification... Read more.

Political Economy of Structural Reforms

The panelists concurred with the importance and urgency of implementing structural reforms at the current conjuncture to unlock growth potential... Read more.

Emerging Markets at the Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities

Emerging markets (EMs) are at the crossroads of three major transitions in the global economy: an increase in U.S. interest rates... Read more.

The Managing Director's Interview on the Global Economy

The Managing Director (MD) discussed key issues in the global economy. Downside risks to the outlook remain elevated... Read more.

Collect More and Spend Better: The Role of Capacity Development

Panelists discussed the role of capacity development in helping governments improve revenue collection and make spending more efficient... Read more.

Getting Down to Business: Women, Work and the Global Economy

Women comprise a little more than half the world’s population, yet significant gender gaps remain... Read more.

LICs Session II: Scaling-Up Public Investment and Debt Sustainability

The seminar focused on how LICs could scale up public investment to address infrastructure gaps and support growth… Read more.

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