COVID-19: Vaccines for Developing Countries


Location: SEC Virtual 04

Description:The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries is critical to protecting lives, building human capital, and stimulating economic recovery. The current crisis is exacerbating inequalities throughout the world and, without access to vaccines, the gap will widen further. Ensuring developing countries can access, as well as safely distribute vaccines, calls for strong partnership and cooperation at the national, regional & global levels. This event will explore: The work underway in developing countries to prepare for large scale vaccine rollouts; the strengths and gaps in country readiness; measures to ensure access and distribution; and the importance of partnerships and cooperation across all stakeholders for success. The private sector’s essential role in driving innovation, production and manufacturing to meet the enormous needs for COVID-19 vaccines, tests and therapeutics. Taking a broad view of COVID-19 to reflect on opportunities and challenges across research, finance and policy, as we work to build more resilient health and economic systems now –and in the future. *Watch Live|**Follow the Conversation|**Additional Resources|*