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2020 Annual Meetings Videos


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Welcome Andorra! 

The IMF welcomed the Principality of Andorra as its 190th member.

2021 Annual Meetings: Morocco


MD's Curtain Raiser Speech


Anti-Corruption Challenge Pitch Event

CSO Townhall with IMF Managing Director

Annual Meetings: It's Coming

Development Data Partnership: Bridging the Data Gap for Public Good 

Cross-Border Payments—A Vision for the Future

Cross-Border Payment—The Private Sector Steps Up

Cross-Border Payment—The Public Sector’s Role

Cross-Border Payment—A Global Roadmap for Improvements

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IMF Inspired: Bridging the Data Gap

Post-COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience

CNBC Debate on the Global Economy

Conversation between Melinda Gates & Kristalina Georgieva

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ECB - Christine Lagarde
Structural Transformation After the Pandemic—We Have a Choice!

Uruguay - Azucena Arbeleche
Addressing Medium-term Challenges, While Supporting Lives and Livelihood During Covid-19

Angola - Vera Daves de Sousa
Angola’s Experience with Fiscal Consolidation and Prudent Public Finances

Indonesia - Perry Warjiyo
Bank of Indonesia Policy Mix

Morocco - Mohamed Benchaaboun
Moroccan Experience in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

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Press Briefing: International Monetary Fund and Financial Committee (IMFC)

Press Briefing: G-24

IMF Managing Director Press Briefing

Press Briefing: World Economic Outlook

Press Briefing: Global Financial Stability Report

Press Conference: G-20

Press Briefing: Middle East and Central Asia Department

Press Briefing: Western Hemisphere Department

Press Briefing: Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa, October 2020

Press Briefing: Asia and Pacific Department

Press Briefing: European Department

Global Financial Stability Report: Analytical Chapters

Fiscal Monitor | Chapter 2: Public Investment for the Recovery

The Great Lockdown: Dissecting the Economic Effects

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Migration: The Impact on Countries of Origin and Receiving Countries

Automation and Jobs in Europe: How Workers View the Future of Work

Effectiveness of Containment Policies and Labor Market Adjustment in Latin America

COVID-19 Lockdowns and Exits in Asia: Some Lessons

Kurzarbeit- Germany's Short-Time Work Program

The Great Lockdown: Dissecting the Economic Effects

Digitalization and the Fight Against Covid-19 in Sub-saharan Africa

IT Shields: Technology Adoption And Economic Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mobile Money And Covid-19: Opportunities And Challenges

Government Support to Firms During Covid-19: Benefits, Costs, and Risks
Social Spending for Inclusive Growth in the Middle East and Central Asia
"Flattening the Curve" of Insolvencies in the Time of COVID-19

Procurement and Beneficial Ownership Transparency: A Pandemic-Driven New Take on Public Access
The FT at the Analytical Corner: A Fairer Recovery

A Green Recovery For Sub-saharan Africa
Mitigating Climate Change - Growth And Distribution-friendly Strategies
Better than a Crystal Ball? Scenario Planning & Policy Gaming at the IMF

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CD Talk: Promoting Effective Use of COVID-19 Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Introducing the IMF’s New Center for the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia (CCAMTAC)

CD Talk: Supporting Revenue Administrations to Operate Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

CD Talk: IMF CD on Debt and Debt Management

CD Talk: Building Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Caribbean

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New Economy Forum: Learning in the Time of COVID

New Economy Forum: The Great Lockdown and Jobs: Who is Shut Out?